Saturday, April 6, 2013

1000 and 3

Rick got his 1000th win, another grind it out game. Happy for him and the team, nice to have a small highlight in another crappy season. I don't think he will keep coaching at least not the t-wolves. I have decided this based on his wife fighting seizures. Having reached this milestone I think he is ready to be home. The Twins also got a win tonight so they are 3-2! It was the first game I got to watch this year. Love the sound of a game on while I putter around the house. Though I have to say Bert and Dick were a bit looney. Maybe because I haven't watched a game in so long they just seemed extraordinarily ridiculous. Found this funny though Dick: I was talking to Jim Palmer earlier today... Bert: Didya get a word in edgewise? They can have some funny quick one liners though I don't think they always realize they are being funny. I look forward to seeing more games this year as we just got a DVR! GO TWINS!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Baseball is back and so am I! I don't know if the Twins will be good this year and all the personnel changes have me feeling sad and optimistic all at once. I have decided that not writing last year was what I needed to do but this year I will write. I will approach the season with optimism and faith! As spring comes forth so does my HOPE! Denard Span is a National now and I think it will be a good thing for him. They are a team on the upswing and he should be a key cog in continuing the success they had last year. The Twins will miss his lead off bat. When it happened I thought, it will be OK we still have Benny. Then they sent Benny to the Phillies! Augh! I wish him much success there and will watch him whenever possible. He is already winning the hearts of Philly fans with his big smile and humble attitude. His .326 spring batting avg probably helped too! The Twins have brought up Aaron Hicks to fill the gap in center. He looked good in spring training though not so great in the home opener. Of course he was up against a future Hall of Famer in Verlander and the cold weather had to be hard to play in. I remember when they brought Tor-i-i up, he was filled with energy and that smile showed how happy he was to be in the big leagues. He brought a needed spark to the team, A-a-ron reminds me of him. I hope to see him climbing walls and turning bases all season. Lets all get on the bandwagon and get the Twins started on the right foot! More to come... GO TWINS!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Up, down, when we need just up...

Not a good road trip for the Twins unless you focus on the couple of good moments. Such as Jim Thome knocking his 598th home run and the amazing game Cuddyer had smashing a grand slam and a solo. As much as I want to stay on the silver lining tip and just focus on the is hard. I don't know how those guys keep their chins up after such tough losses. That has to be attributed to their skipper Gardy at least a little bit. He does do a good job keeping them even keeled.
We can hook our hopes on Justin Morneau returning to the line up. He began playing at Triple A Friday night though going 0 for 4. Lets hope we are still within reach when he gets back up in about another week.

As I said I said in my last post Michael Cuddyer has never been on my list of Twins I love. This season he has continued to be consistent and wheedled his way into my baseball heart. His always positive yet feisty disposition mixed with his ability to play any position makes him Mr baseball. If I had a kid I would totally want them to look to him as a roll model. He makes me think of the former Royals Second basemen Frank White.

For me as a kid going to the ball park, Frank White was my hero. He was key in branding baseball on my heart. He was a smooth fielding second basemen with a steady bat. He is now a commentator for the Royals telecasts. I can remember going to Kaufman Stadium and watching batting and fielding practice. Frank always came over and took time to say hello and sign autographs always with a big smile. He threw a ball to me once and some guy snagged it, White ran over and yelled at the guy to give it to me! That made a huge impression on me, that he would bother to take that extra time to make sure I got the ball. I imagine Cuddy would also take the time to reward a young fan.

Second game against the white soxs just ended...ick! I can not handle losing to the White Sox!!! Please Please do not allow a sweep fellas!!!!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Roller Coaster!

This season has been a lot like the modern day roller coasters...up down snapping your head around making you a bit nauseous but also a lot of fun!
This last week has been gosh I don't even know the right word for it. After the loss Sunday I found myself getting down. I was sad after listening to the local sports guys talk about how tough the road trip was going to be starting in Texas. But I gave myself a little pep talk and said "it will be alright!"
The first game Monday night in Texas was brutal. I wasn't able to turn it on until the 3rd inning and we were already down 9! I had lots of chores to do so I turned it off but peeked in a while later....ugh. Needless to say I got really bummed and felt pretty discouraged. I began to hear all the "its over" talk with the "we're sellers not buyers" for the upcoming trade period...ugh again.
Then I got to watch the last half of the Tuesday night game. My MN Twins did not quit. It would have been so easy to come into this game with their heads hung down. Getting tromped by 14 runs sucks, playing in Texas heat sucks I would not have blamed them much if they packed it in...but that's not my MN Twins! They fought those last innings got some breaks and pulled out a one run win! It was fun to see Gardy at the top step yelling and bouncing around, think he must be feeling better after that infection.
After watching Joe Nathan come in and close the door on the Rangers I decided I will not quit on this team. I will continue my wishing and hoping that they catch up to the division leaders but more importantly I will just enjoy the baseball! I will appreciate the little things like Michael Cuddyer pitching a less then perfect scoreless inning! This would be the very thin silver lining from that game.

Cuddy wrote about his trip to the mound on FSN...

Before this last two years I haven't thought much about Cuddy. I mean by that he has always just been that regular guy on the team. he never really shined enough on the field or personality wise to get my attention. Not that I didn't like him I could take him or leave him. But after the way he has stepped up consistently in times of injury and severe need the last two years I can't help but love the guy. He can play every position, only two he hasn't are catcher and shortstop, which is weird since he was drafted as a shortstop. He has a future after Baseball writing or on air though he could also do photography! He shares his photography on Flicker...
He is a big part of the community relations that the Twins do. Hard not to like the guy. Of course there is talk of trading him since he has been our most consistent player this year and what team wouldn't want him. He's a ballplayer!
I don't think the Twins would trade him he just seems like the kinda guy they will keep forever. If they do I feel pretty confident he would come back next year in free agency. I really don't know who we have of interest to trade right now. I know who I would like them to ship out but I shall keep my promise and not elaborate! I think it would be fun if they let him play every position in one game. In 1968 Twin Cesar Tovar did it striking out Reggie Jackson in the process!

I know its wrong to take any pleasure in this but I am sure he is fine....


Sunday, July 24, 2011


Congrats Bert!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Verlander love fest

First game of the Tiger series and Justin Verlander pitched for the Tigers. Kicked our butts! Verlander can really throw that ball not just fast but also hits his spots. That being said I can't stand the guy after listening to Roy Smalley(who is taking Berts place on FSN) wax on and on about him. Every inning he gushed over his pitching. I think he has a bit of a man crush on him. I found myself disliking the guy more and more, though I will concede he really can pitch. Just all that love from one of our own was making me cringe. I think the Tigers are a close second to the White Sox in terms of having lots of players who I think are jerks. I did reflect that I use to dislike Thome when he was with the Sox and hes actually a really great guy. So maybe I am wrong when I think negative things about Ordonoz, Guillen and Cabrera. What can I say I am a homer and prejudice against other teams and their players.
We just couldn't string together a few hits tonight. Though I will say I felt like we had a chance until the very last out. Especially after Verlander was pulled, their bullpen is not very strong. Hopefully tomorrow we will get on the ball more and pick up the next three games. I think Verlander is their one and only great pitcher and I like our chances against average pitchers. So opportunity lost tonight but more to come, lets keep our heads up and stay positive.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


After Mondays double header I am really happy with a split. The last two games were exciting and fun to watch. They also reinforce how strong this team is mentally. They played two tough games Monday in stifling heat, lost, and came back in even hotter weather to even the series! That is heart! This team has it!
Nice to see Revere and Casilla -The SPEEDBOYS!-get back on the bases, they started the game wed off on the right foot. Also loved when Casilla made a great play and bad throw to first. He showed Joe his appreciation for the awesome dig. Speaking of Joe he once again did a great job at first. He actually was given the choice to catch or play first. Can't blame him for not wanting to put on all the gear in this heat, but more importantly in "your face" everyone who was badmouthing him as unwilling to play first! He was funny in his after game interview joking he closed his eyes when the ball was hit to him and in the dugout accepting Casilla thank you hug!
Another highlight today was seeing Nishioka get a two run scoring double to put us ahead. Wish it had been in the 9th so he could have gotten the team mate melee like Valencia did the night before.
The Tigers come in tomorrow for another important series. Lets hope our guys start out hot and get at least 3 of 4!